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Our fees are based on the actual work provided and the time involved.  


The treatment plan, including the total fee, will be presented at the initial visit.  


Payment is due at the time dental treatment is provided unless prior arrangements have been made with one of our financial coordinators.  


For your convenience we accept: checks, Visa, and MasterCard.  


We also offer personalized financial arrangements on extensive dental treatment plans.  For separated or divorced parents, the parent who brings the child to the office is responsible for payment of fees charged for that child’s care.  If another agrees to payment responsibility, that person must provide an acknowledgment in writing of their desire to pay for care.  It is the responsibility of the person bringing the child to the office to obtain a written agreement and to inform the other person of care being provided.



We participate with and submit claims for some insurance companies.

If we do not participate with your insurance plan, our staff will assist in processing your insurance  forms.

Patient’s responsibility - Dental office staff are not experts on your plan. It is your responsibility to know your plan coverage, including any changes. Ask your benefits manager or insurance provider for a plan booklet or information on your specific coverage.

Remember that you, not your insurance carrier, are ultimately responsible for payment of services rendered in our office.

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